Why You Should Hire an Article Writer for Your Blog

The term “blogging” stems from the phrase “we-blogging,” which is shorthand for maintaining an online journal of sorts. Blogging started out as a personal pastime, through which people turned to describe their experiences and interests. Some bloggers took things a step further by using their blogs to share their knowledge and skills with a steadily growing audience, and from there, it didn’t take much for blogging to become a full-fledged industry of its own.

blogger writesThese days, the best bloggers are recognized as having a niche of their own. Many of them have a wide base of readers that some of the most established newspapers in the world might envy, and the revenues that accompany such. It has long been assumed that a successful blogger writes his or her own content all the time, but there has been a steady demand for an in-house article writer or two among even the most prolific bloggers.

But why should you hire an article writer for your blog? The following are just a handful of the most compelling reasons:

  1. Reliability. If you are a part-time blogger juggling full-time concerns such as a day job and/or a growing family, hiring a good article writer could prove to be a wise investment. On those days when you are strapped for time to come up with good content for your blog, you can have your in-house writer step in for you.

Provided that you chose a good article writer, you can rest assured that your blog will continue to be updated with meaningful content written in a compelling style for your readers, even when you are up to your ears doing other things. Furthermore, if you plan your blog posts ahead of time, you and your writer can split the work load a lot more efficiently.

  1. A fresh take on things. One of the most difficult things about running a blog is keeping things fresh. If you’ve been writing the content by yourself for years, it can be hard to find a new perspective and thus provide your readers with refreshing material.

Having an in-house writer on your blog gives you the benefit of an entirely new and original viewpoint so that you can keep your readers interested. While no two writers have the same writing voice, you can always screen your applicants for one who is capable of adjusting their writing style to suit your blog’s readers and your personal style while still retaining their own voice when it matters.

  1. Technical WritingContinuity. Some bloggers might argue that taking on guest writers from time to time can help give you the previously-mentioned benefits without the long-term commitment. That may be so, but the beauty of having an in-house writer for your blog is that s/he often gets a better understanding of it and its readers over time, and this sort of awareness only serves to make their writing ever more in-line with your blog’s purposes in a way that a guest writer’s can’t even begin to match.

Also, working with an in-house writer often eliminates the need for extensive corrections for the same reason. Guest writers, on the other hand, don’t always present this advantage.

  1. Additional traffic. In some cases, taking on an additional article writer for your blog can lead to an immediate increase in your readership. Readers are always on the lookout for something new, so announcing the upcoming participation of a new writer on your blog can greatly reignite their interest.

Furthermore, since most aspiring writers often maintain an active social media presence, their followers are likely to add to the numbers of your blog’s regular visitors.